About Yoller

Your friends, IRL

Having a great social life is not only a lot of fun - it's linked to a happier, healthier, and longer life. But social media wasn't built to actually bring us together in the real world.

Have you ever tried to get friends together and failed? Do you find getting everyone to commit and agree a complete nightmare? You're not alone.

We built Yoller to make plans that actually happen.

Our goal is to build the fastest way to get friends together. We're here to make sure the things, people, and places you love turn into plans that work for everyone.

We at Team Yoller are - unsurprisingly - always planning something fun.

Whether it’s finding the best new restaurants, plotting mid-week karaoke sessions, getting our om on at pop-up dog yoga (doga), or escaping London for adventures in nature, we spend our time outside of Yoller making plans with friends! We’re always happy to share our tips - sign up for our weekly email, or you can drop us a line: hello@yoller.com